Wednesday 23 July 2014

Ten Convincing Drivers To Install A Carport!

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A garage is the traditional solution to having a safe space to park your car but this often incurs considerable expense, can take a lengthy amount of time to install and in some circumstances may even require planning permission. A carport on the hand can be erected in a few days, costs a fraction of the price of a garage and is generally free from planning controls.

What Is A Carport?

A carport can be described as a car shelter with a roof that is supported by posts. It is classed as an outbuilding, which means that it is deemed to be a permitted development beside a home with the following limitations:

- carports are not permitted to be built on land forward of the wall that forms a home’s principal elevation

- the structure must be single storey and balconies or overhangs are not permitted

- the eaves height can be a maximum of 2.5 metres

- the carport cannot amount to exceeding 50% of the property’s land

- if a property is located in a National Park, and the carport is located more than 20 metres from the house, the carport must not exceed 10 square metres

- Local Planning authority guidance should be sought for carport installations by a listed building

Why Carports Get The Green Light

  1. Provides protection from the elements – from strong sunshine to freezing snow and ice. Powerful UV rays can have a detrimental effect on your car’s paintwork (especially on strong colours), whereas keeping your windscreen free from snow and ice means no time is wasted getting the car fit to drive on a cold winter’s morning. It will also put a welcome stop to arriving to find your car covered in unwanted debris, ranging from falling leaves to unsightly bird droppings.
  2. Older persons or anyone living on their own might feel safer stepping from the comfort of their vehicle straight into the house without having to negotiate the perils of parking in the street.
  3. Kits like the Timber Carport from Jacksons come with a 25-year guarantee and without the aggravation of a) sourcing a reputable builder and obtaining estimates for a new garage b) pinning a builder down to ensure the build is completed on time and in budget.
  4. Carports can often prove a deterrent to opportunist vandals who are less likely to want to inflict damage on a vehicle which is located so close to the home.
  5. Because there are no doors to a carport, they are regularly seen as more convenient to a garage since you can simply drive straight in. Not having to deal with doors can also prove a bonus if you are also struggling to unload shopping and / or supervise young children!
  6. The open sides of a carport means that you can generally get away with not having to install lighting.
  7. Carports can also provide a useful shaded play space / entertainment area.
  8. A carport may provide space for the family car as well as storage for other vehicles such as a caravan, motorbike, boat or trailer.
  9. Whereas you might be restricted on where you can site a garage, a carport can pretty much be located anywhere on your premises.
  10. Investing in a carport will add value to your property.
For more information on the Jacksons Timber Carport (available in a single and double configuration), visit or tel 01233 750 393.

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