Wednesday 18 June 2014

Get Your Garden Ready For Summer

Finally summer is officially here and this is the time of year when every homeowner wants to make the most of their outdoor accommodation. Whether you choose to use your outdoor room for alfresco dining, as a safe space to keep the children occupied, as a secluded retreat for some well earned rest and relaxation – or more than likely a combination of all these, it’s worth checking your garden is ready for the predicted sizzling summer ahead!

Summer Garden Planner

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Be sun savvy

Much as we all love a bit of sunshine, there are obvious risks associated with spending too much time basking in the direct sun so you need to take steps to include a space in the garden that provides sanctuary from those damaging rays. You may be lucky enough to have a number of large trees capable of forming a shaded canopy but if not, here are some alternative shade solutions:

  • a carefully positioned pergola upon which you can train climbing plants. All Jacksons Pergola kits (available in single, double and corner formats) are crafted from Jakcured timber supported by a 25-year guarantee against rot and wood boring pests. Incorporate Trellis Panels in either square, lattice or diamond to complement the pergola and help train any featured climbers.
  • a dedicated structure such as the Jacksons Retreat Garden Shelter which as well as creating a cool and comfortable shelter, will also deliver a dramatic focal point for any garden setting.
  • a shade sail made from heavy duty fabric capable of providing effective UV protection.

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Safe and secure play area

For children, the garden becomes the outdoor playroom during the summer so it is vital that they are kept safely contained whilst they are outside. Make sure all fencing posts and panels are intact and secure, and that there are no gaps / weaknesses in the fence line. Rotted posts represent a hazard to children since as soon as a fence becomes unstable; there is a risk of it falling, so seek out fencing products with a long lifetime guarantee. All Jacksons timber fencing is protected by the unique Jakcure timber treatment system which enables the company to offer a 25-year guarantee against rot.

Jacksons Timber Playtime fencing is RoSPA approved and was originally specifically designed for play areas in parks, recreation centres and schools, but it is also ideally suited to residential situations and as a perimeter fence in a family garden. Don’t forget that if you choose to install any climbing or play equipment in the garden it should really be sited on a dedicated play surface and definitely away from any concreted areas, walls, fences or large bushes. Trampolines should either be surrounded by a bespoke safety net or, for a more visually appealing solution, sunken into the ground.

Pool protocol

If the family garden includes a swimming pool, outdoor hot tub or even a pond, it is important that any access to water is carefully controlled, by including a strong boundary fence. The boundary must be sited a safe distance from the water so that if a child attempts to climb over, they will not fall from the fence directly into the water. Preference should be given to selecting a fence with an anti-climb design such as Palisade or Bow Top fencing.

Alfresco entertainment

If you plan to seriously party alfresco, it might be worth reviewing the benefits of attractive timber acoustic fencing to prevent any noisy neighbour complaints! Jacksons Jakoustic fencing has been proven to reduce noise levels by as much as 32 decibels.

What are your plans for your garden this summer? Do you have a project on the go? We would love to hear your gardening ideas and how you are creating outdoor living areas for your home. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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