Monday 23 June 2014

Noise Nuisance No More!

garden fencing, noisy neighbours
Picture the scene, a stylish outdoor space, a table laden with a delicious spread, close friends and family quietly chatting and sipping a drink, in short a stunningly beautiful setting for a garden party. Tranquility and contentment reigns … until the calm is shattered by your noisy neighbours’ shouting accompanied by the excited barking of their anxious dog.

While summer represents the time we look forward to spending more time outside, it also highlights any noise issues affecting our homes. Whether it is noisy neighbours, heavy traffic or even the sound of machinery emanating from a DIY enthusiast’s garage, noise pollution can easily spoil the enjoyment to be derived from your garden.

Noisy Neighbours - the solution!

But before you put your house on the market there is a much simpler solution! Environmental noise barriers can literally turn the volume button down on any sound problems experienced in your property. Jakoustic from Jacksons not only provides an effective means of dealing with unwanted noise, it also provides an attractive security fence to deliver protection against any unwanted visitors.

So if noise is affecting your summer (or winter) don’t despair, invest in a new fence which can absorb or reflect the sound, and peace will soon be restored!

If you have a noise problem that spoils your enjoyment of your garden, tell us about it. Share below and we will give you give you some ideas to reduce it, or a least a sympathetic ear!

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