Monday 16 June 2014

Product of the Month: Fencing Fashion Parade

Has the Chelsea Flower Show fired up your imagination on ways in which to inject a dash of designer flair into your own outdoor space? If so, installing a new fence can do wonders to create an instant style statement. Here we share some garden fencing ideas.

Garden Fencing Ideas

To many, the word FENCE equates to images of trusted featherboard panels. However without wishing to dismiss this classic genre of fencing, if you’re on the lookout for something with the wow factor, Jackson’s, the fencing experts, have a number of other stunning newcomers to consider …

Let there be light …

The ultra chic Venetian Fencing Panel has proved a massive hit with garden designers. The horizontal pales provide an ingenious solution to installing an effective and tasteful boundary, but not at the expense of reducing the amount of light filtering into the outdoor room.

fencing panel, garden fencing, fence

garden fencing, fencing panel, fence

Artisnal finesse

A thoroughly modern take on a traditional woven style of fencing, the Woven Fence Panel offers the benefit of amazing light and shade effects courtesy of the substantial woven slats. This is combined with the unique strength and privacy not usually associated with a semi- solid structure.
fencing panel, garden fencing, fence

Smart security

The beauty of natural wood joins forces with the inherent strength of steel in the EuroGuard Combi fence. Ideal if you need a fence which boasts good looks as well as added security benefits.

Designer chic

Classic palisade fence panels are given a designer makeover in the Palisade Paliframe Panel, which incorporates a decorative cut out feature that doubles as an effective way to allow additional sunlight to filter into the garden setting.

fencing panels, garden fencing, fence

fencing panels, garden fencing, fence

Love thy neighbour?

Whether it’s a sleek modern urban space or a cosy traditional English cottage garden, the Chilham Panel will always be warmly received by your neighbours as it dispenses with the need to choose who gets the best view of the fence! Interlocking grooved boards deliver a premium fence that requires no rails – so a smart panelled boundary can be enjoyed on both sides of the fence!

fencing panels, garden fencing, fence

Symmetrical style

The ‘hit and miss’ system which feature pales or boards fixed alternately on the front and back of the fence panel creates yet another neighbour friendly fencing offering, while the chevron design adds a splash of symmetrical elegance.

And remember in addition to its enviable style credentials, all Jacksons timber fencing has undergone the unique Jakcure timber treatment which provides a 25-year guarantee against rot and wood boring pests.

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If you have any questions about any of the above garden fencing ideas above, leave a message in the comments box below and we will get back to you.

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