Monday 12 May 2014

Stop Fence Panels from being stolen

Recent articles in major national newspapers including a story in The Daily Mail and The Times are now warning that fence panels are becoming an increased target for thieves, with Dorset Police reporting five thefts in the area in 12 weeks.

These articles follow recent stories regarding shortages and price increases. These shortages have not hit Jacksons Fencing unlike most other fencing suppliers and DIY stores.

If you are worried about fence panels being lifted out of posts and stolen, there are measures that can be put in place to reduce and stop thieves.

Wooden Posts

Jacksons only supply wooden Jakcure treated posts that are guaranteed for 25 years. This is the
solution if you planning on purchasing a new or replacement fence in the future.

Screwing through the post and into the rails of the fence panel with a good rust resistant screw from the inside of the fence run will almost certainly stop any thief from stealing the fence panels.

Screw post into panel
Screwing a torx head rust resistant screw through the fence post into the rail
Not only do they stop thieves, but screwing panels to wooden posts will also stop the annoying rattle that occurs when panels move in the post slot in strong wind.  They also look neat and tidy, unlike most other solutions.

Concrete Posts

If you are stuck with concrete posts, it's not easy to secure the panels, unless the posts have holes in that allow bolts or screws to go through and hold the panels in place.

Other options will not look overly attractive and are a little bodged. The most popular option is to screw a metal bracket or mending plate into the panel across the post and then into the next panel.

Another option is to screw into the panel close to the posts so that the screws are against the post. This will make it difficult to lift the panels.

As before, make sure all fixings are rust resistant and secure from the inner side of the fence.