Tuesday 22 April 2014

Restricting access to playing fields

Restricting access to playing fields may sound like a simple job, but this is not always the case.
Motorbike Restriction Barrier
A Bike Restriction Barrier Protecting a Footpath

If the playing field land is owned by a school or college and therefore private property then the answer is simple. Install a security fence and access gates around the perimeter of the playing field and then access to the fields is secure and restricted.

Sometimes the scenario is not always as straightforward. If the playing fields are public and have been plagued with unwanted visitors riding motorbikes or driving motor vehicles on the grass fields then other restrictions have to be enforced.

It depends on the location and scenario but if the playing fields are accessed via public footpaths then the answer could either be a motorbike restriction barrier or a stile to stop motor bikes accessing the fields.

Car parks are usually run along side or near public fields and this can often be used as a access point for motor vehicles to playing fields. If this is the case then bollards are often the solution. If you need to stop cars from ruining grass on the edge of a field then an option is to install verge protection marker posts.

It all depends on the location and the surrounding environment but restriction solutions are endless, these could even include bridle gates, diamond rail fencing, kissing gates or even post and chain fencing.

Timber bollards edge of playing fields
Timber Bollards Positioned At The Edge Of Playing Fields

More information on playing field and footpath restriction products.

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