Sunday 9 February 2014

Stop Vehicles And Mud On A Grass Verge

Muddy Grass Verge
A grass verge churned into mud by vehicles parking or driving over it is never a pleasant sight.

There are a few solutions to stop an attractive grassy verge turning into an unsightly muddy mess in winter or after heavy rain, some of these options are shown below:

Concrete Curb

If the grass verge is on the corner of a main road or is heavily used by traffic then a concrete curb may be the best option. Curbs will stop the majority of cars running over the grassy area and will divert the vehicles wheel back to the road.

Concrete curbs can have their disadvantages. They are not easy to install and when they are installed can look pretty ugly especially when situated along a attractive entrance to a country estate. Concrete curbs can also stop rainwater running off the road, this causes surface water to stand in the road.  In turn this has its own disadvantages, when vehicles drive through it and splash property or buildings close by.  So after installing a curb it then may become necessary to install drainage.

A Verge Protection Post Showing Tube

Verge Protection Marker Posts

Timber verge protection marker posts are the simple and effective solution to the problem. They are easy to install as they include a metal tube at the bottom of the timber post that allows the post to be pushed securely into the ground. A reflector attached either side of the post increases the visibility of the marker posts at night, stopping vehicles hitting the posts and also warning motorists to keep away from the grass verges.

If there is a chance the verge posts will be knocked then it may be worth fixing them into the ground with concrete or looking at a stronger solution for instance timber or metal bollards.


Wooden Bollards Proecting Grass
Wooden Bollards Protecting Grass

A bollard is a heavy duty solution that will not only stop cars or vehicles driving over the edge of the verge and ruining the grass but will stop vehicles parking or accessing grass areas completely.
There are a number of different styles and sizes of bollard available, usually the type or style depends on the environment where the bollard needs to be installed.

Timber bollards can be installed with reflectors pretty much anywhere and will look good in residential locations.   Metal bollards will fit in with most commercial surroundings and even stainless steel bollards can be used for contemporary locations.

Other options are available but may be more costly and difficult to install.

A Grass Verge With Verge Protection Market Posts And Orange Reflectors 

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