Friday 29 November 2013

S’no(w) joke if your fence collapses ….

Reports from long range weather forecasters warning us that Britain should prepare for heavy and
persistent snow and the worst winter for more than 60 years is enough to make anyone shiver! But with predictions of above average snowfall and plunging temperatures, it makes sense to act now to ensure your fencing and gates are up to the challenge of coping with such extreme conditions.

Although pretty enough depicting a Christmas scene, fences and gates topped with snowfall are far from festive if the end result is rotting timber and dropped gates!

It’s not just fencing that is likely to be affected by adverse weather – keeping a vehicle outside during the colder months is far from ideal but the new Timber Car Port from Jacksons will protect your car from the elements – and you’ll never have to waste precious time scraping the ice off your windows again.

Phone us now on 01233 750 393 or visit to get your outdoor space ready to fight the freeze!

Post and Rail Fence in the snow
Jacksons Post & Rail in the Snow

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