Friday 29 November 2013

S’no(w) joke if your fence collapses ….

Reports from long range weather forecasters warning us that Britain should prepare for heavy and
persistent snow and the worst winter for more than 60 years is enough to make anyone shiver! But with predictions of above average snowfall and plunging temperatures, it makes sense to act now to ensure your fencing and gates are up to the challenge of coping with such extreme conditions.

Although pretty enough depicting a Christmas scene, fences and gates topped with snowfall are far from festive if the end result is rotting timber and dropped gates!

It’s not just fencing that is likely to be affected by adverse weather – keeping a vehicle outside during the colder months is far from ideal but the new Timber Car Port from Jacksons will protect your car from the elements – and you’ll never have to waste precious time scraping the ice off your windows again.

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Post and Rail Fence in the snow
Jacksons Post & Rail in the Snow

Wednesday 27 November 2013

What Makes A Good Fence?

Cheap Broken Lap Panel fence
A cheap lap panel fence

No one really looks forward to replacing an old fence.  It can be a difficult task, first planning the materials needed and where the fence will run.  The installation of the fence is the next step, which is not a simple task either and these factors don't even include the cost of the whole project.

Here are a few points to consider that could help the whole venture run a little more smoothly and boost the life of the new fence:

The quality of the materials
Usually if the materials used in the fence are of good quality, then the overall fence will not only stand the test of time but also will look good.

The expected length of life
Often the cost outweighs the life span of fencing when purchasing decisions are made.  Everyone is looking for a bargain but in the long run, replacing a cheap and cheerful fence two or three times works out a great deal more expensive than choosing a superior fence in the first place. 
One of the most important factors that increase the life span of a fence is the treatment of the timber.  If a fence has not been treated well, then it will rot and fall over or rot and break.

Concave Fence Panel
A Jacksons Concave Featherboard Panel showing three rails.
The integrity of the construction of the materials
If a fence panel is constructed using thin pales or weak support battens/rails then the fence is unlikely to last a strong storm.  If only two rails are used to create a six foot Featherboard fence panel rather than three rails, it's clear that the fence panel will not be as strong.
The correct fence for the job

It is obvious that a garden fence will not be as secure as a security fence, or a garden fence won't do the job of equine Post and Rail fencing but it's worth looking around if the fence required is providing a unique solution. 
When you have decided which type of fence is required, its then worth looking at the style.  An example of this would be the installation of a garden fence in an area exposed to strong wind and the best style of fence for the job;  Hit and Miss or Woven if privacy is needed or Paliframe and Venetian if privacy is not an issue and all of these styles of fence would allow some wind to pass through.

The Fence Installation
Do you pay for a skilled labourer which costs money, or do-it-yourself?  It doesn't matter as long as the installation is a good one.  Remember no matter how good the fence is, it needs to be installed well to withstand strong winds and harsh weather.
Don't skimp when digging holes, using Postcrete/cement to hold posts in place or using shorter posts than required as all these shortcuts will be more hassle in the long run than to do the job well in the first place.  See "A Good Fence Needs Good Foundations" for more information.

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A Quality Fence
A Quality Fence