Monday 21 October 2013

Can a Garden Gate be installed on a slope or hill?

It is possible to install a garden gate on a slope or hill but usually this is not a simple job and it involves landscaping the ground so it is flat where the gate will open and close.
Garden Gate on a slope

If a run of fencing is installed on a hill, usually it is stepped down when the fence is installed from fence panels or a traditional style fence then usually the fence rails run with the hill.

When a garden gate is involved, if the opening side of the garden gate is on the increase of the hill/slope then the bottom of the gate will ground when the gates is closed.  If the opening side of the garden gate is on the decrease of the hill then a large gap will be present under the gate when closed.

The only respectable option is to landscape the ground so it is flat under the opening area of the garden gate and this will allow the gate to be Right Hand or Left Hand Hanging. 

It is possible to install the gate with the opening side running down the hill but an unsightly gap will be seen when the gate is closed and this defeats the object of a gate.

If you have no choice and the gate has to be installed on a hill and landscaping involved, one of the best ways to keep it simpler is to use a narrow gate.  This way less landscaping will have to be performed to make the area flat.