Wednesday 27 February 2013

Timber Wall Ideas

Timber Wall Screws
A timber garden wall is a cheaper, easier way of creating garden features, boundaries or landscaped areas without the use of a traditional brick wall and the need for foundations or footings.
Below are some simple and effective timber garden wall ideas.  These ideas use Jacksons unique Jakwall that comes in a 2.4 lengths and uses a hex head timber wall screw system to simply join the timbers together.    
Timber Retaining Wall – A great wall to divide different raised areas of a garden.   The timbers can be used to give a boring flat garden some raised areas or used to segment a slope.

Timber Wall
Raised Beds for Flowers or Veg – A simple and effective way of creating a raised bed.  The bed could be one timber high or even a few timbers high.
Pond Structures – A timber wall can be used to support the lining of a pond, giving extra height from floor level.
Sand pits – Add a timber wall around a sand pit to section the sand pit from grassy areas, hopefully retaining sand in one place.
Decking Fascia – A timber garden wall is an ideal wall of creating a fascia/base for wooden garden decking.  It will look good if using Jakwall brick effect solution and will also support the decking in that area.
Hopefully some of the ideas above will give some background of how a timber garden wall can be integrated into your garden design.

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