Wednesday 18 July 2012

Decking on a Concrete Base or Raised on Posts?

Decking Frame
Simple Decking Frame 
This is a query that we are often asked but it’s not always a simple answer.  There are other considerations that have to be taken into account when deciding if a deck should simply be constructed using a joist or bearer frame on a concrete base or if its supported using posts that are dug and secured in the ground using concrete such as Postcrete.

When would a concrete base or existing paved area be used to create a deck?  If a simple level deck in the garden is required, then digging out an area the size of the required deck, adding hardcore and a level concrete base would be a straightforward way to go about the project.  If a level concrete area already exists or if it’s difficult to dig posts into the ground then this could be a valid reason to use a concrete or solid base.  The decking frame is then easily installed on top, best using slotted decking joists.
When would a standard raised deck be used?
A standard raised deck is normally the way most decks are created.  A raised deck on posts would normally be used if the ground is not solid, is uneven / sloped or if it needs to be raised or have elevated sections of decking in different areas. 
Remember that no matter what type of deck is created then the following should always be considered:
  • Weed suppressant fabric; This should be used to save weeds coming through the decking in future. Our decking kits come with weed suppressant supplied.
  • Try to avoid gaps that rodents or animals could use to get under the deck.
  • Planning permission; Please check with your local planning department.  We would also always recommend that plans are discussed with neighbours before going ahead also.