Thursday 21 June 2012

What do I need to install a side gate?

 Side Gate
The side gate itself is the most important component when planning a side gate project and it may have to be of a certain type, size or have a specific feature if the gate needs special requirements.

Side Gate in-between brick pillars
Side Gate in-bewteen brick pillars
Questions that have to be asked before the side gate is purchased and installed:
  • Would you prefer the side gate to be manufactured from Timber or Metal?
  • Does the gate have to give some privacy or does it need to be designed to allow light to pass?
  • Does it need to keep children or pets secure, if so what height do I need?
  • Does it need to match a run of fencing?
  • Does it need to be a double leaf or single leaf gate?
If the side gate is being installed in an area where strong gusts of wind will are common then a side gate that allows some wind to pass through may be an option.  Timber side gates that allow this could be Venetian, Paliframe, Jaktop, and palisade.   If privacy is a must then a Hit and Miss side gate would be an option as it will allow some wind to pass through the gate without the loss of privacy.
Gate Posts
If the side gate is being installed in a run of fencing at the side of the house or property then posts would normally be used.   Remember if the garden gate is in an area that is susceptible to strong winds then heavy duty posts may be required.

Gate Wall Plates
Wall plates would usually be used if the side gate is installed in the middle of a brick arch or between two brick pillars or walls. 
One wall plate and a post would be required if the gate is installed next to a wall with a run of fencing the other side of the gate.

Gate Locks and Accessories

Garden Side Gate Lock
Garden Side Gate Lock
Does a lock need to be installed so people can only open the gate from the rear of the property? 
  • Does the lock need to have key access from the front of the property via the gate? 
  • Will the gate need to be held open at times or automatically close? 
  • Will the lock need to be installed high up the gate to stop young children opening it?
These are all questions that require thought and may need an accessory to be fitted. 

Gate ring latches and gate fittings are included with all Jacksons side gates.

Gate / Wall Plate Fixings
We recommend to attach wall plated to walls, 3 x M10 fixings per wall plate (070132 – M10 x 200mm) and c-mix (070077 – 150ml tube c-mix) will be enough for two wall plates.  The applicator for the c-mix will also be required (070078 – C-mix Gun)

If you have calculated the materials you need the next step will be to measure the size of the garden side gate.

More information if you are installing the gate on a slope