Monday 20 February 2012

Planning for a new fence

It is always worth spending time when in the design phase of installing a new fence using Garden Fence Panels or Traditional Fencing Menthods. There are many different fencing solutions available, below are some key points to consider:

Longevity: How long do you want the fence to last? 
Fence Security
Security deterrent that's not too intimidating

Privacy: Is privacy an important aspect of your garden?

Security: Security can be a key consideration as our gardens become more of a living area they increasingly contain more valuable items.  A fence that provides good security will also lower chances of burglaries.

 Light: The flow of light into your outdoor space can be vital to the overall effect particularly in smaller town gardens.

Fence Panels allowing Wind to Pass
Hit & Miss Fence Panels allow some wind to pass

Wind: Consideration should be given to very windy locations, there are solutions that still allow for privacy but will also allow wind to readily flow through the fence.  Heavier duty fence posts would also then become a necessity.  These steps in turn could stop fencing from being blow over in future.  See the article that helps with a fence exposed to strong winds.

Noise: Noise pollution is affecting all of us, standard fencing solutions may help to screen us from heavy traffic noise or other galling noises but consideration of attractive acoustically designed noise barrier may be an option. In recent years acoustic barriers and sound fencing have become one of the latest considerations for increasing the quality of your garden experience.

Children: Making a secure and safe environment for your family

Animals: Pets and other Animals, keeping pets and animals safe, whilst also deterring unwanted animals from entering the garden.

Monday 13 February 2012

Will a new fence improve the value of my property?

Garden Fence Panels with Diamond Trellis Topper
An attractive Garden Fence with Diamond Trellis Topping
A simple question, many people ask. 

It depends on the quality, design and installation, if a good quality fence is well installed it will give many years of use and great pleasure and well as privacy to those enjoying the outdoor space, and yes it will almost certainly increase your property's value and desirability.