Thursday 14 April 2011


As an alternative to garden fencing panels, garden trellis can be a way to create a boundary or a form of protection/privacy without losing the spacious garden feel or obscuring pleasant views and scenery. 

Boundary or Perimeter Trellis

Garden trellis topperGarden trellis can be used as perimeter fence as a way to keep people or animals out of a garden without spoiling views or stopping light if it̢۪s a small area that is being protected. Climbing plants can be grown up the trellis giving that natural feel and also give that little extra privacy or as a barrier against wind if need be.
If a fence or wall is already in place then smaller trellis panels can be used to give that little extra height and privacy screen without blocking out light.


Feature TrellisGarden trellis Pergola

Trellis panels can be used to create features and and add extra dimension to gardens, either stand alone panels or trellis used to accompany garden pergolas, decking, arbours and arches.  Stand alone trellis panels are often used as a partition to segregate or hide unsightly parts of gardens. They are also used as structure for climbing plants, even though often our quality trellis panels look just as good or even better when standing on their own without the need for vines.

Another use for trellis as a garden feature is to attach it to walls. It can stop walls lookig so plain and also allows plants to grow up or over the wall.

Monday 4 April 2011

Heating Oil theft

With fuel prices at their highest ever more and more people are becoming victim to heating and diesel oil theft. Oil tank security is an issue that should be on the agenda of homeowners and householders around the country.

Oil tanks need to be filled up, so ease of access is essential however making sure your oil tank is not to be on public show. A wooden or metal fence, garden trellis can give significant protection to the tank along with protecting it from prying eyes but it must be remembered that the oil tanker driver will need access to fill the tank! A metal security cage or grill with a lockable access point could be the answer.

Another security extra could be Driveway Gates.  These can be an simple and effective way to stop thieves entering a property that allows them access to oil tanks.