Thursday 3 February 2011

Garden Decking

Garden Decking

Garden Decking

Decking is the ideal product to use to create an outdoor area with minimal maintenance and can be a lot easier to install than the likes of flag stone.

Now is the time to start thinking about cleaning your decking ready for the spring/ summer.

How to clean your decking?
The best way to clean your decking is to get a hard bristle broom and sweep off the leaves and debris, alternatively you could use a pressure hose to all the mulch out of the grooves.

Remember to brush your deck regularly to keep any debris like leaves and rubbish from building up in drainage spaces. Debris can hold moisture and the resulting rotting can lead to unsightly staining on the boards. Move planters, tables and chairs around the deck to allow the deck to dry out under them and to avoid irregular lightening of the boards by the sun.

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