Thursday 2 December 2010

A fence is a simple way to reduce snow drifts

Snow is not usually a major problem in the UK, but recently the winters have brought some harsh cold snaps and some heavy snow. When snow is lying on the ground and strong winds are brought into the equation, this can commonly cause snow drifts.

There are a few reasons why we would want to install a fence to reduce snow drifts. One reason would be to increase visibility and keep lanes open on major roads. Another reason would be to stop snow surrounding a house that’s next to a large open field in a rural area.

Timber fence panels can be installed around a boundary as a successful way to stop drifts into the property or driveway.  A traditional way of stopping snow from drifting onto roads is using Cleft Chestnut Fencing.  If the Cleft Chestnut fence is placed 35 times the distance of the height of the fence back from the road then this should dramatically reduce the snow drift.  This happens because the wind speed and energy is reduced where the fence is positioned. This causes the snow to drop and in turn a drift will form in front and behind of the fence, leaving the road clearer

A A point to take into consideration is to make sure that the chestnut fencing is not too close to the road as this could make the snow drifts on the road worse.

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