Tuesday 14 September 2010

Garden Fencing

By adding a garden fence it can help increase security to your home, adding as an aid to keeping in your pets, and also allowing you make the most of your garden and outdoor living, making your home and garden complete.
There are many different choices when it comes to garden fencing, with steel and timber fencing being the most popular.  Whether its a  Traditional Fence or a Modern style panel, these are both choices. If there is a lot of noise in and around your home, try acoustic fencing, giving you a form of protection against noise that can come from traffic or undesirable sources.

Popular styles and types of fencing for the garden include:

Featherboard fencing – This is a classic style of fencing adding privacy to your garden with the boards overlapping each other having no visible gaps through.

Lap Panel Fencing –  Fencing panels where the slats run horizontal accross the panel and are held in with batterns.  Common as cheap but lack quality and lifespan

Timber Palisade Fencing – Another classic design for the garden, available in pointed or round top. Ideal for the look and feel of a traditional garden.  Sometimes known as Picket Fencing

Ornamental Fencing – Designed to be decorative and ornate without compromising on security. By having these panels galvanized and powder coated will help them last longer.

Acoustic fencing – If your house is near a busy road and you cannot enjoy your garden as you would like due to the noise level, have a look into acoustic fencing, looks fantastic in the garden being an attractive timber structure.

Trellis Fencing – this style of fencing has a full range of uses, either to be used around your garden boundary on for climbing plants against a wall.

When planning your garden fencing you also might consider the access to and from your garden by way of a garden gate, again adding additional security making sure it can be securely locked to deter any intruders.

Tuesday 7 September 2010

Home Security: Your Garden is the first line of defence

Most burglaries happen through opportunity rather than being planned. They pick what is deemed as a simple target, however if there is a greater risk than anticipated they will move on. It is important to make the effort within your garden to increase the security to keep your home from seeming to be a simple target. With increasingly more people spending more time and money in their garden it is important to get the security to stop unwanted intruders entering.

Simple security can be created within your garden:

1. The use of fencing helps create an obstacle to enter your garden, adding a security topping along the top of the fence can help deter any unwanted visitors. In some cases though, the installation of security toppings may require planning permission or Building Regulations approval. There is a variety of garden fencing which can help increase the security of your garden and home that will not compromise on the look. Timber fencing panels that are closely boarded together can help to stop potential trespassers from seeing through into your home and garden.

2. Adding spiky plants that climb up your fencing or thorny hedges running around your boundary, can add a nice anti climb feature.

3. Boundary Lighting. With having movement activated lightening in and around the garden can help eliminate places to hide.

4. Restricted access. Make sure all the access points in the garden are secured by the way of a garden gate and then secured safety with a lock for added security. Consider installing electric gates for your driveway or entrance, which could be opened by a remote or timer.

5. Adding gravel on your drive or on paths, which can provide an early warning of visitors.