Thursday 9 December 2010

Fencing products to help reduce Christmas crime

Christmas time and crime rates are at their highest, especially domestic robberies, with all the Christmas gifts bought and in the house.  This can make your home an attractive target for thieves.

At Jacksons Fencing we have a wide range of secure garden fencing and gates which can help reduce the likelihood of being a victim of crime around Christmas period.

Having a secure, lockable garden gate in place can prevent any intruders from accessing your property through the garden.  All of our gates come complete with galvanized ring latches and adjustable hinges with the option of adding a secure lockable gate latch.

If your home has a driveway then another security measure that could be put in place is having an automated entrance gate, adding convenience and security when entering or leaving your property, allowing you as the home owner to control entry to your property.  A standard driveway gate that is not automated is a cheap and simple option, stopping a passersby from looking into your property.

By adding garden fencing around your property or garden can also add security from unwanted visitors through the winter. Garden Fencing can act as an obstacle / deterrent for any intruder.  A garden fence designed so the boards are close together cannot only stop potential burglars looking in to your home and garden but can also make climbing access over the fence almost impossible. There is a wide variety of garden fencing designed to add security to your garden without compromising on the look from Timber fencing panels to garden railings.

If its an ultimate detterent you need then security fencing is always an option.

Thursday 2 December 2010

A fence is a simple way to reduce snow drifts

Snow is not usually a major problem in the UK, but recently the winters have brought some harsh cold snaps and some heavy snow. When snow is lying on the ground and strong winds are brought into the equation, this can commonly cause snow drifts.

There are a few reasons why we would want to install a fence to reduce snow drifts. One reason would be to increase visibility and keep lanes open on major roads. Another reason would be to stop snow surrounding a house that’s next to a large open field in a rural area.

Timber fence panels can be installed around a boundary as a successful way to stop drifts into the property or driveway.  A traditional way of stopping snow from drifting onto roads is using Cleft Chestnut Fencing.  If the Cleft Chestnut fence is placed 35 times the distance of the height of the fence back from the road then this should dramatically reduce the snow drift.  This happens because the wind speed and energy is reduced where the fence is positioned. This causes the snow to drop and in turn a drift will form in front and behind of the fence, leaving the road clearer

A A point to take into consideration is to make sure that the chestnut fencing is not too close to the road as this could make the snow drifts on the road worse.

Sunday 14 November 2010

What is a raised bed and what are the advantages?

A raised bed is normally a box-shaped, above ground level garden bed produced from a weather-resistant material, for planting flowers or vegetables in.

Raised beds for flowers or vegetables have several advantages, some shown below:

  • The most important is the comfortable working height, which means less strain on the back as you will not have to lean over as much when planting, weeding or maintaining the bed contents.  For people with back problems, who still wish to pursue a garden, raised beds are ideal.
  • The soil temperature in raised beds will be higher than normal ground soil, which means plants will grow and thrive better as well as an early harvest, extending the gardening season.
  • When preparing the vegetable / flower beds, branches, twigs, leaves and other garden waste can be  composted directly into the bed.  The type soil can be decided at this point.
  • Soil will be less compacted in raised beds, this will help the plants to grow as they will be able to “breath”

  • Kit form raised beds are available to purchase so they are not as difficult to build as they have been in the past.
All round raised beds are an asset to any garden, small or large.  They provide better access for the gardener and provide better conditions for the plants

Tuesday 14 September 2010

Garden Fencing

By adding a garden fence it can help increase security to your home, adding as an aid to keeping in your pets, and also allowing you make the most of your garden and outdoor living, making your home and garden complete.
There are many different choices when it comes to garden fencing, with steel and timber fencing being the most popular.  Whether its a  Traditional Fence or a Modern style panel, these are both choices. If there is a lot of noise in and around your home, try acoustic fencing, giving you a form of protection against noise that can come from traffic or undesirable sources.

Popular styles and types of fencing for the garden include:

Featherboard fencing – This is a classic style of fencing adding privacy to your garden with the boards overlapping each other having no visible gaps through.

Lap Panel Fencing –  Fencing panels where the slats run horizontal accross the panel and are held in with batterns.  Common as cheap but lack quality and lifespan

Timber Palisade Fencing – Another classic design for the garden, available in pointed or round top. Ideal for the look and feel of a traditional garden.  Sometimes known as Picket Fencing

Ornamental Fencing – Designed to be decorative and ornate without compromising on security. By having these panels galvanized and powder coated will help them last longer.

Acoustic fencing – If your house is near a busy road and you cannot enjoy your garden as you would like due to the noise level, have a look into acoustic fencing, looks fantastic in the garden being an attractive timber structure.

Trellis Fencing – this style of fencing has a full range of uses, either to be used around your garden boundary on for climbing plants against a wall.

When planning your garden fencing you also might consider the access to and from your garden by way of a garden gate, again adding additional security making sure it can be securely locked to deter any intruders.

Tuesday 7 September 2010

Home Security: Your Garden is the first line of defence

Most burglaries happen through opportunity rather than being planned. They pick what is deemed as a simple target, however if there is a greater risk than anticipated they will move on. It is important to make the effort within your garden to increase the security to keep your home from seeming to be a simple target. With increasingly more people spending more time and money in their garden it is important to get the security to stop unwanted intruders entering.

Simple security can be created within your garden:

1. The use of fencing helps create an obstacle to enter your garden, adding a security topping along the top of the fence can help deter any unwanted visitors. In some cases though, the installation of security toppings may require planning permission or Building Regulations approval. There is a variety of garden fencing which can help increase the security of your garden and home that will not compromise on the look. Timber fencing panels that are closely boarded together can help to stop potential trespassers from seeing through into your home and garden.

2. Adding spiky plants that climb up your fencing or thorny hedges running around your boundary, can add a nice anti climb feature.

3. Boundary Lighting. With having movement activated lightening in and around the garden can help eliminate places to hide.

4. Restricted access. Make sure all the access points in the garden are secured by the way of a garden gate and then secured safety with a lock for added security. Consider installing electric gates for your driveway or entrance, which could be opened by a remote or timer.

5. Adding gravel on your drive or on paths, which can provide an early warning of visitors.